October 5, 2011 @ 12:22 PM

The marriage between financial corporate powers and our government (the 1%) is killing America. Their union is as powerful as it gets because it's based on their common value—greed. These super-rich elitists* think they are better than everyone else. They don't care about the people who support them or what they do to the earth. The world crisis is about them consolidating their wealth. By creating wars and fear in Americans, we are oblivious to the financial takeover that is being constructed by this elitist group. I'm a supporter of President Obama, but when he threatens poverty-stricken old people because congress can't balance their grossly fat budget, we know the entire ruling class doesn't get it and is not on our side. We're done paying for their exorbitant lifestyle while they sit and pass around bills, limiting our freedoms and pretending to try to solve problems they're actually working with their pals to create.

Our government really doesn't get it. They think they can always raise the debt ceiling. They think they can always get more out of people. It's easy for a rich person to justify fairness. Easy to say these people below me deserve less. They only need half or maybe nothing. Our "leaders" have no understanding of what it feels like to be hungry. To give every cent you are able to make to pay for housing, such as it is. Your cell, hopefully, the power, your car insurance. And that's it. All of it. Trying to find 4 dollars to eat on for the week. This is happening all across America. One minute of President Obama's salary is more than than many people have to eat for week. The second you enter Congress you are set for life. It doesn't matter if you make big deals with big corporations and screw the people you serve the entire time in office or even if you are voted out. Still, you get your huge salary until you die.

It's time for us to make the connection between the problems the earth faces and the 1% (this elitist group's) lust for power. How much is enough? Allowing the few to plunder and kill the earth is not the world we can live in. It won't matter how much money you have, if you've got nothing but a dead earth stand on. The earth has a debt ceiling and we're over it. We're not going to sacrifice her, so the super rich can retain their excesses.

The solution is to take back the planet; our food, our water and our land in ways we understand in our hearts and souls. We have the power. Don't purchase GMO's, or poison's of any kind; pesticides, herbicides, or food contaminated with poison's. Talk to your neighbor's about poisoning the land they stand and sleep on. Don't allow corporations to poison. Don't buy from corporations who pollute or abuse their employees. Let's share information and expose it wherever we find it. This is a war about control of the world's wealth. Refusing to buy their product is a peaceful and effective way to fight. Don't buy it. Maybe it will go away.