January 10, 2014 @ 1:29 PM

GMO's = Genetically Modified Organisms 

Identified on produce with PLU code starting with #8.

Crop dusters dumping toxic chemical "Roundup Ready" glycosate by the ton.

I wish this photo came with sound effects. It would really drive my point home.

Our food's DNA is being altered. Monsanto and other chemical companies say they are doing this to increase yield and feed the world. But after two decades of commercial applications, data clearly shows that GMOs do not increase yield and do not decrease the use of agri-chemicals, but have instead created super-pests and super weeds. 

If a farm only grows one thing (mono-culture farming) that land is not creating the kind of nutrition it's capable of. We used to be a rich nation that could easily feed the world and certainly ourselves—not gruel, but all the fruits, nuts, meats, dairy and vegetables people need to be healthy. But government and agribusiness forced out small farmers for the big mono-culture GMO farms that grow mostly corn, soy and canola and serve agri-business. Billions of acres of corn become high fructose corn syrup for pop, feed for cows, and ethanol for cars. The cow's natural feed is not corn, but grass. Ethanol created from corn has to be subsidized and it's not the solution to climate change. And we are an obese and sick culture starved of nutrition as we try to feed ourselves with a food crop that is losing its inherent nutritional value with each technical hack the chemical companies dream up.

Their #1 goal with genetic modification is so the plant does not die when they dump the toxic pesticide Glycosate (brand name "Round-Up") on it.They call them "Round-Up Ready" seeds. The #2 goal with genetic modification is so when bugs eat the plant, they die. It's interesting because the little bug's guts rip out, just like what is happening to many of us when we eat GMO's (and an answer for the sudden increase in celiac disease and leaky gut syndrome). The 3rd neat thing they developed with their genetic modification is that their seeds are "death" seeds. They can't be collected after harvest and planted the next year. They are infertile. So farmers, who, from the beginning of our time saved seeds and replanted year after year, with the earth's infinite wisdom, are slaves to Monsanto now having to go into debt further and further every year to purchase the death seeds.

  Crop Duster just outside Brighton, CO  

And boy do they dump it on! Living at the farm I had the opportunity to watch conventional farmers at work. Nearly every
morning from 
the time the tiny corn sprouts its little head until it's 6 feet tall and harvested….the plane goes back and forth
dumping literally tons of 
chemicals on the plants. Nearly every morning! There's no washing that stuff off!

People of world are trying to keep Monsanto and the deadly GMO seeds out of their countries. Many countries have illegalized them completely. Many others require labeling. We, being complaisant Americans have quietly asked for labeling in two health conscious, forward thinking states which were narrowly defeated when Monsanto and their Big Business buddies threw billions of dollars to defeat the measures. 

Monsanto's evil desire is limited not only to owning all the world's seeds but also to ruin the lives of small farmers. Monsanto has taken at least 400 small farmers to court because their (Monsanto's) seeds have contaminated and grew unwanted in traditional farmers fields. Monsanto claims they "stole" the patented seed forcing these families to sell their farmland.

The Round-Up pesticide is a carcinogine which causes cancer. Talk with cancer survivors and the first thing they say is to get the toxic chemical out of your house. The dumping of this poison on our land is not just done by farmers, but most American homeowners think nothing of dumping it and handling it around our yards. We all think its minor and doesn't really matter. But, in fact, with all of us doing it, it does matter. The runoff from the overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is polluting our water ways and finding its way into our oceans; creating harmful algal blooms, ocean dead zones and red tides, killing marine life. 

If you think GMO's are good, you are simply a victim of the billion dollar marketing campaign Monsanto created to make you think so.


From Vanda Shiva; "Seeds are our most important resource, next to water. Whether you want to grow your own food or not you don't want Monsanto to own all the world's seeds.

Support local growers who collect seeds and preserve (our) right to do so to protect our food source. When you grow a garden, you want to know your plants will produce live seeds."