January 3, 2014 @ 1:47 PM


Cold Birds in Colorado by debbie O.

Happy New Year family and friends. As this crazy year comes to a close, I have to say, I'm sorry I haven't been in too good of touch. Things have been coming at me fast and furious. How about you? Has it felt that way to you too? I am happy to say I've learned a lot. I've been an eight year path studying food and health issues. My four year stint here at the farm has been transformative to say the least and I'm sure I'll refer back to these years, a lot. I learned about how simply I can live and what it means to love your neighbor. Two biggies I'm proud of. 

I took on a path of "self" or "divine" defined study following disease and health pathways. I'm following the teachings of Westin Price, Hanna Kroeger, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Don Huber, Dr. Mercola, Gary Null, Sayer Ji, Joel Salatin, Sandor Katz, Agnes Shircel, Larry Sloan, and spiritual my guides, Caroline, Amma, Marge, and my Arch Angles, Kamiel and Zadkiel to name just a few) l. I believe in the healing power of food, the earth, and of a higher power. I have been embarrassed and afraid to admit to what I was doing (crazy, right; following heart, soul and dream?)  In our world of either formal degrees or "miraculous abundance" my path was neither. I do believe I was divinely guided. So, I took time. I studied. Now I have no university degree. But I have teachers, research, information and knowledge that can help people. I intend to present information here, promote products and people creating good things and help individuals on a personal level.

When I received my last degree, (BFA from CSU) I learned you figure out what you want to learn about and you go after it, learn everything you can about it and your education never ends. Degrees from higher education certainly can serve monetary goals and corporate goals, but they don't own learning.

When I wrote my last blog, I was still angry and in a lot of pain. I went inside myself and now I am rested, grounded and healed.

How are you?

Entering my 52nd year here on the planet, I have renewed optimism in the activism in every one of us and the power we each have to heal ourselves and the planet. 


I love you! I miss you and I can't wait to hear from you in the new year.


Blue Lantern by debbie O.