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This is my personal mission, to get to the bottom of, or the root of, why we are healthy or why we get sick. There are a lot of factors, but if we start at our core, on what feeds us and keeps alive, we can give all the bodies we love a fighting chance. 


To learn and to change. Creating health and happiness.

Enhance the purity and nutrient density of our food.

Connect to local farmers growing with organic principles.

Learn about health and nutrition.

Act on our own intuition and for health and healing.

Be a voice for animals and the earth.


Feel good. Create your food (from the ground up).

  • The only real control we have over our health is how we feed and exercise our bodies. Nature created a perfect system—that does not thrive on the synthetic and artificial. Our technology and ease is literally causing our illnesses. We have to pursue our own health by eliminating as many of the toxins as possible from our bodies and the best place to do it is in our own garden and kitchen.

  • Let's create sustainabilitity and resiliency in our communities; end sickness and food deserts—by supporting local farming, farmers markets, communities and individuals who grow food—so we all can have food that is not bio-engineered, altered, irradiated, or chemically dowsed in any way.

We can re-claim our food by creating it ourselves with love—not chemicals. If you don't feel your best....look what's in your food. 

(Forgive me, for my cut and paste. I couldn’t get everyone to pose together!)



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